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TOOLS | Sustainable, regenerative & enabling

Part of charting change lies in identifying alternatives and providing tools. Enabling Suburbs addresses this by drawing out some social innovations and acknowledging the social enterprises as enabling initiatives that break with dominant ideas and practices, such as consumerism and exploitation. With the advent of the internet, it’s easier to organise – we no longer need organisations to organise, and change can happen through and with networks.

Taking a cue from The Enabling City and the work of Ezio Manzini, this project will present tools that are community-oriented, networked and sustainable. They offer a step towards new behaviours and new ways of living; not just by consuming differently but doing, thinking and being differently. They can be regenerative, as Manzini explains, in that they integrate with the context enhancing the environmental and social resources that are locally available. As we come to a better understanding of place, we will begin to see the potential of place-based creative problem solving in our locality, recognising change and citizenship as an opportunity. There is another opportunity and that is to initiate a process of suburban transition – of enabling suburbs – starting with Aspley.


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