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PUBLICATION | I spy … scenes from micro-suburbia

John Armstrong and Linda Carroli have produced a pamphlet, I spy … scenes from micro-suburbia, which captures scenes from our sububan locality and endeavours to show some of the nuances and subtleties of suburban environments as experienced in Brisbane’s north. Please click on the image below to read and download I spy … scenes from … Continue reading

STUDY | A Moment(um) for Change

by Linda Carroli Enabling Suburbs is about experiments that enable suburban communities to speculate about the future and engineer, envision and enact change. It is also about developing collaborative partnerships between communities and practitioner. Each of us, as urban practitioners, is proposing initiatives or thought experiments that engage this possibility for change at a micropolitical … Continue reading

STUDY | Little Cabbage Tree Creek: Clive Peeters side v black milk crate.

by Jason Haigh By putting aside the current forms of a suburb, first principles can offer alternatives on what locations offer a natural fit as focal points within a community. Their current condition can either illustrate the skill with the suburb makes use of its assets, or the lost potential for making the places that … Continue reading